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Subject: Organised Sound

                            Organised Sound
              An International Journal of Music and Technology

Volume 4, Number 3
Issue thematic title: Breaking the Boundaries
Date of Publication: December 1999
Publishers: Cambridge University Press

Articles to be considered for publication in the named issue are now

Volume 4/3 is to investigate the theme "Breaking the Boundaries". Too
many decade thresholds (or "centuries", or "millennia" if you prefer)
have stimulated change, not only in the arts but in many other aspects
of society, politics and economy.

Are we, the community of electroacoustic music and music
technology, satisfied with our music, our scholarship, our technological

developments or our relationship with society at large?

Organised Sound invites you to document your vision of where we might
go from here in any area of music involving technology, or of technology

involving organised sound.

Submissions can be in written, graphic or sonic form. What artistic
and technological boundaries are fixed or due for removal in the
future? Is there anyone ahead of his/her time in our field these days?



Notes for Contributors can be obtained from the inside back cover of
published issues of Organised Sound or from:



Articles and other material for the editors' consideration should be
by 1st August 1999. Hard copy to:

 The Editors,
 Organised Sound,
 Department of Contemporary Arts
 Crewe+Alsager Faculty
 Manchester Metropolitan University
 Hassall Road
 Cheshire ST7 2HL, UK.

Email submissions should be mailed to (please see SUBMISSION FORMAT


Further details about Organised Sound are available at:


Editors: Ross Kirk, Leigh Landy, Tony Myatt, Richard Orton.
Corresponding Editors:
 Lelio Camilleri, Daniel Oppenheim, Miller Puckette, Barry Truax,
 David Worrall
International Editorial Board:
 Marc Battier, Francois Bayle, Peter Castine, Alcedo Coenen,
 Francis Dhomont,Simon Emmerson, Rajmil Fischman, Takayuki Rai,
 John Rimmer, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Rumsey, Conrado Silva,
 Christiane Ten-Hoopen, Daniel Teruggi, Jukka Tiensuu,
 Trevor Wishart, Scott Wyatt, Iannis Xenakis.

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