Informations concerning the KARL SCZUKA PRIZE FOR WORKS OF RADIO ART 1999

Subject: Informations concerning the KARL SCZUKA PRIZE FOR WORKS OF RADIO ART 1999
From: Mario Gauthier (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 13:32:52 EDT

...Some informations about a radio art competition...

All the best,

Mario Gauthier


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Just by now the competition for the KARL SCZUKA PRIZE FOR
WORKS OF RADIO ART 1999 has been opened. The Prize sum will
be DM 25.000,-; the support grant has been raised to DM
10.000,-. Please notice that the deadline for entries will
be on June 15th (six weeks earlier than in the recent years)
! The jury members will be: Klaus Ramm (chairman), Monika
Lichtenfeld, Johann-Georg Schaarschmidt, Heinrich Vormweg
and Christina Weiss.

The guidelines are available in english (as follows by PS),
french, spanish and german. Our brochure can be sent by
Pobably you would prefer the special version in request by
WORD6.0-Attachment. Then please give a reply to me (till
May 21st if possible) per Email: (I have tried to
send all translations as attachments to the 'radio art list'
via "" - but without success.)

For all questions concerning your entries or general
informations please use the following adress:

Best wishes

SWR Sekretariat des Karl-Sczuka-Preises
Leitung: Hans Bukhard Schlichting




Südwestrundfunk, a public service organization, awards a
prize for works of radio art. The presentation is made for
the best production of a work of radio art using musical
material and structures in an acoustic performance.

The Karl Sczuka Prize is awarded annually, in October, by
the “Intendant” (Director General) of Südwestrundfunk.

Works winning the Karl Sczuka Prize are, insofar as is
possible, presented during the Music Days of Donaueschingen.

In addition to the Karl Sczuka Prize, the Südwestrundfunk
awards a support grant.

The following stipulations apply:


The Karl Sczuka Prize is 25,000 DM (twenty-five thousand
Deutsch Marks). In case of a tie, the sum is divided

The support grant is 10,000 DM (ten thousand Deutsch Marks).


The Karl Sczuka Prize is offered publicly.

Authors, composers, directors and production teams (groups),
hereinafter referred to as originators, are welcome to
submit their applications.

The annual deadline for applicants to submit their
productions to Südwestrundfunk, in the form of a recording
ready for broadcast, is June 15th. Works already entered are
not eligible again in subsequent years. An originator’s work
may be submitted on his or her behalf by the producing
company (for instance, a radio organization).

The recording of the production should be accompanied by:

a) a declaration by the originator that he or she is
  presenting the work for the Sczuka Prize and that he or
  she holds all rights exclusively;

b) otherwise, a written agreement of all persons who have
  participated in producing the work, or the agreement of
  the producer, if it is he or she who holds the rights to
  the work;

c) a manuscript or, if this is unavailable, a synopsis
  (six copies);

d) a short biography and a list of all works of the
  originator (six copies);

e) details of the place and date of production and if
  applicable, the date of its first radio broadcast or
  publication. The date of the first broadcast or
  publication of the work must not be earlier than June 1st
  of the preceding year.


The support grant is awarded each year to an applicant for
  the Karl Sczuka Prize.


The person sending a work to Südwestrundfunk thereby accords
the latter all rights for presenting the work, in any form,
at the Music Days of Donaueschingen, and declares him- or
herself prepared to grant broadcasting rights, on the usual
terms, to all ARD radio stations and Deutschlandradio.


The award of the prize and the support grant are decided by
an independent five-member jury comprising experts and
critics. The Chairman of the Jury, nominated by
Südwestrundfunk, selects the four other jury members.

Jury members may not be employees of a radio organization.

The jury is assisted by a Südwestrundfunk staff member
nominated by the Intendant; this person will have the right
to attend the jury meeting but will not be empowered to

The jury’s deliberations will take place in private. Jury
members may not abstain from voting and the jury’s decisions
are reached by simple majority.

The jury’s decisions are final. The jurisdiction of the
courts is excluded.

Stuttgart, May 5th 1999

                      Prof. Peter Voß
                Intendant of Südwestrundfunk


Mario Gauthier, réalisateur
Émission L'ESPACE DU SON /Chaîne Culturelle FM,
Société Radio-Canada
1400 boulevard René-Lévesque est, 14ème étage
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H2L 2M2

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