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Subject: RE: Mixing it...
From: Mathew Adkins (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 05:09:44 EDT

        Thanks kevin - this is the way I intended the posting.

        I'm all for mixing different styles, genres etc. It is the
        of genres usually perceived as being 'different' that I am after.
        fact that these genres have increasingly similar names is only a
        of the issue.

        So much 'cross-genre' music fails because it never really gets
        to grips with what it is trying to cross. Once students understand
        what 'electroacoustic music' 'computer music' et al. are, then they
        can begin to work across boudaries in a much more informed way.

        Mathew Adkins
> Alexandra Hettergott wrote:
> > Mat.Adkins wrote:
> [...]
> >>Trying telling them about the CMJ and .....
> >...and why *not* ?, isn't this yet a heating up of the separation
> >discussion >you mention first? Is the exclusion/neglection from the one
> >side any better >than the other way round?
> The way I read Mathew's email, it wasn't he who was doing the exclusion:
> he
> seemed more frustrated by the intransigence of the pupils...?
> >And does it further bringing the discussion in question to any
> >proper terms?
> >Much better to mention both journals, as you're just doing, in one breath
> >showing
> >(aesthetically, ideologically) heterogeneous facets of producing
> >(different) >sounds by using the same means...
> True, although there are significant differences in ideology or
> perspective
> which perhaps need to be highlighted. When a news stand publication talks
> of "computer music", it is understood by the public as referring to music
> which is made using a computer; to the academic/"serious" world, "Computer
> Music" is a genre, or even stylistic tradition. Similarly, "electronic
> music" does not refer to the "Electronic Music" tradition (who outside the
> electroacoustic set uses the term "electroacoustic"?).
> Just my 2 Euros...
> Kevin
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