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Subject: Re: Forwarded from the MAX list
From: jerome joy (
Date: Sun May 09 1999 - 12:17:05 EDT

>>> Pieces with a maximum duration of 10 minutes are prefered.
>Future historians may look back on the history of ea/cm in the late 20th
>century and note how technology, economic forces and competitions (!!)
>determined formal aspects of much of the work.
>While conferences and concert producers call for works to be (prefered)
>less than 10 or 12 minutes, composers who work in larger blocks, will
>linger (and force others to linger longer) on the web. <<8-()>>>o*>>

Sure, K
I'm in this case, on the other side of this standardization.
But look, this fact continues since a lot of years, in instrumental and
electronic composition, for the standard contemporary music concerts and
festivals. The most common ones present concerts or events with several
composers, so you have only 10mn or 12, maximum 15.
The same sentence is always here: "please don't propose a too long musical
Fo this, since several years, I make musical pieces around 20 to 40
minutes, or pieces which don't fit to the concert halls or to acousmatic


jerome joy

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