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Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 14:09:04 EDT

Douglas Doherty wrote:

>I think we must remember that what we have here are two completely
>different worlds having an apparently erogenous contact via technology.
>The aesthetic, ideological and musical links between these two extremes is
>even more tenuous than that between Rubenstein and Les Dawson or Shaking
>Stevens' keyboard player, even though they all play the piano!

On this point I find myself siding with Alexandra and Rosemary, I think...

IMHO you are overlooking (a) the empirical evidence that those working
outside academia and those working inside academia (again, for want of a
more appropriate word!) have for a long time been independently producing
similar aesthetic results; (b) the fact (apologies to Boulez?!) that the
compositional agenda are shaped very heavily by the technology available,
and that common technology has been available to both camps for some years

I'm not sure, BTW, that, from the point of view of the open-minded explorer
of sound worlds, Dawson, Rubenstein and Stevens are so aesthetically and
ideologically divided. All have been driven by melody (or calculated abuse
thereof, in Dawson's case) and other traditions in music. Even Cage had to
heavily modify the piano such that it became another instrument. One might
argue that this trio was a natural outgrowth of pianistic technology, in
the same way that much of the music we are now hearing is a realisation of
the possibilities inherent in the new technologies.

>THAT is not to say anything to even minutely devalue any of them -
>personally I have heard Rubenstein murdering Schubert and HATED it. I
>laughed at Les Dawson and danced to Shaking Stevens.

I laughed at Dawson _and_ Nancarrow and enjoyed both... ;-)


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