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Subject: Re: Mixing it...
From: Douglas Doherty (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 12:34:48 EDT

>> Mat.Adkins wrote:
>> ...
> >>Trying telling them about the CMJ and .....

>> ...and why *not* ?, isn't this yet a heating up of the separation
discussion you
>> mention first? Is the exclusion/neglection from the one side any better
than the
> >other way round? And does it further bringing the discussion in question
to any
> >proper terms?
> >Much better to mention both journals, as you're just doing, in one
breath showing
> >(aesthetically, ideologically) heterogeneous facets of producing
(different) sounds
>> by using the same means...
> >Alexandra Hettergott

>Hear hear!
> Dr. Rosemary Mountain

I think we must remember that what we have here are two completely
different worlds having an apparently erogenous contact via technology.
The aesthetic, ideological and musical links between these two extremes is
even more tenuous than that between Rubenstein and Les Dawson or Shaking
Stevens' keyboard player, even though they all play the piano!

THAT is not to say anything to even minutely devalue any of them -
personally I have heard Rubenstein murdering Schubert and HATED it. I
laughed at Les Dawson and danced to Shaking Stevens.

Dr Douglas Doherty
Newcastle upon Tyne

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