Re: cd burning: advice wanted

Subject: Re: cd burning: advice wanted
From: Hans Tutschku (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 05:16:17 EDT

>Hi Mike,
>>Has anyone else had any problems with Toast's Digital Audio Extraction, and
>>if so, do they have any advice?
>I have never been able to copy an audio CD direct using Toast. I always
>extract it onto the hard disk (over night so I don't have to sit around and
>wait for it) and then burn the new disc, laborious but much much safer.
>I even tried the process at 2x and 1x instead of 4x, but no different. I
>guess Toast is extracting the audio and then re-encoding it to audio CD
>standard, and that makes it slow.

I would never burn an Audio CD with more then double speed. With 4x the
laser is not burning the data as exact as with 2x and this can cause problems
on cheeper AudioCDplayers with a less good error correction.

BTW Digital Audio Extractor is exactly doing what you describe. It creates
on your harddisc. But it does not like the faster CDrom drives as inn G3s.


Hans Tutschku

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