Re: cd burning: advice wanted

Subject: Re: cd burning: advice wanted
From: Hans Tutschku (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 05:12:48 EDT

>I've been having a bit of grief doing audio CD burns from my internal CD
>onto my new Yamaha CD burner. It turns out that the problem is not with my
>burner but with Toast's Digital Audio Extraction from the internal CD. For
>a 24x in a G3 running MacOS 8.5.1, I wouldn't have thought there would be
>any problems with this - especially seeing as my CD has no problems playing
>these CDs back. But extracting the data? I get all sorts of clicks,
>drop-outs, noise... and even a system error on one track. I've wasted about
>6 CDs on this so far, and still haven't come up with a resolution.
>Has anyone else had any problems with Toast's Digital Audio Extraction, and
>if so, do they have any advice?

I had the same problem. I don't remember where I got the info from but the
was: to use an older SCSI CDROM drive connected as external device.
I use now an old double speed APPLE-drive - it works.
Sure - the CD is not copied in 6 minutes - but no clics any more.


Hans Tutschku

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