Re: cd burning: advice wanted

Subject: Re: cd burning: advice wanted
From: Michael Norris (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 18:10:29 EDT

I've been having a bit of grief doing audio CD burns from my internal CD
onto my new Yamaha CD burner. It turns out that the problem is not with my
burner but with Toast's Digital Audio Extraction from the internal CD. For
a 24x in a G3 running MacOS 8.5.1, I wouldn't have thought there would be
any problems with this - especially seeing as my CD has no problems playing
these CDs back. But extracting the data? I get all sorts of clicks,
drop-outs, noise... and even a system error on one track. I've wasted about
6 CDs on this so far, and still haven't come up with a resolution.

Has anyone else had any problems with Toast's Digital Audio Extraction, and
if so, do they have any advice?


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