Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT

Subject: Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT
From: Christian Calon (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 16:02:44 EDT

Simple rule :
XY or MS is fine but should be used mainly when you want to record a
specific point in space (voice, machine, etc) that's why they use it for
film location recording. Then you can process the stereo field with
Protools plug-ins.

For ambience and large spaces, prefer ORTF with 2 cardioid capsules. You
want the distance between capsules to give you the micro delay necessary
for perfect stereo cue in the reproduction on Loudspeakers.

Also DSM are fine. Sound good except for the center image in the stereo
field with is blurred. But thats due to the recording technique used. On
headphone space is fine.

I myself use a version of these mounted on glasses or when I need a great
sound (and have time to setup) a pair of Schoeps (and those deserve every
bit of their reputation)

best luck in your choice
Christian Calon

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