Mixing it...

Subject: Mixing it...
From: Mathew Adkins (m.adkins@hud.ac.uk)
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 10:41:49 EDT

        On the subject of mixing music, styles and terms....

        On our current music technology degree we've got around twenty a
        creating music that is falling inbetween the electroacoustic - pop
        Really interesting work.

        One thing we have noticed at Huddersfield is a problem with
        I'm sure everyone is used to the wide variety of uses/misuses of the
        'electroacoustic'. Here in the U.K. we now have a new magazine
        to, and titled "Computer Music". This, as you can imagine has
absolutely nothing
        in common with the "Computer Music Journal". As a consequence we now
        have students asserting that DJ Shadow is the greatest Computer
        alive! Trying telling them about the CMJ and .....


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