Re: stereo mic for portable DAT

Subject: Re: stereo mic for portable DAT
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 06:49:14 EDT

"A.J. Moore" wrote:

> I have an AT825 - lessons learned - buy the most expensive mic you can
> and do your best to get it well shock mounted and wind-shielded. This can
> be done at cost or DIY. the AT825 is very susceptible to movement but
> its sound I would not say is thin, it is perhaps a little light on the top
> end.

No one has mentioned the X/Y stereo AT822 DAT microphone,
which I have been using with satisfaction with my little Sony DAT
for about 3 years in all sorts of field recording situations. I got
it for $350 US, a discounted price.

Larry Austin

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