Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT

Subject: Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 08:58:19 EDT

At 02:06 PM 5/6/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>>there's a mike called the DSM-Microphones which can fit on your sunglasses
>>try checking with Guy at <> - the have a wb-site
>>- but I dont have the adress... Michael Ruesenberg uses them for
>>soundscape-recordings. It exists in different qualities ...

There are a number of these kinds of mics around by various manufacturers.
I own a pair myself. They are good if (1) you are recording high sound
pressures or (2) you can live with a fair degree of self noise. The
capsules are usually too small to have really good signal-to-noise ratio
unless the source is quite loud. Core Sound makes a low cost pair based on
the Panasonic transducer (used by many small mics) as well as a much better
pair based on a Danish Pro Audio (formerly B&K) transducer. Sennheiser
also makes a pair of these miniature mics.

Keep in mind that the excellent stereo imaging you get by simulating
binaural recording by clipping these mics onto your glasses near your ears
(or by building dummy "headphone" looking mounts) works only in headphone
reproduction. A mic like the Audio Techica 825 with its X-Y coincident
pickup will produce far better imaging in loudspeakers.

- Eric Somers

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