Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT

Subject: Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT
From: Hans Tutschku (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 09:06:37 EDT

>there's a mike called the DSM-Microphones which can fit on your sunglasses
>try checking with Guy at <> - the have a wb-site
>- but I dont have the adress... Michael Ruesenberg uses them for
>soundscape-recordings. It exists in different qualities ...
>good luck
>Jorgen Telle

There is also the so-called "Originalkopfmikrophone" OKM II (original head
mic), from
Soundman in Berlin. I'm using it since years for my soundscape recordings.
It looks like little headphones and you put it like them in your ears.
Everybody thinks
you are listening to music, while you are recording.

Big advantage: with the small (very very small) preamp you are getting a
(you avoid any noisy mic-preamp in smaller portable DATs)
There are two qualities: "normal" around 200 US$, "high quality" around 300
I'm using the "normal".

As your head functions as "filter" you can create very impressive
stereo-images. Listening
to them through headphones gives you mainly the "real" 3D listening field.


- don't turn your head during recording to fast (stereoimage is flying around)
- quite sensitive to wind.

I don't know if there is a web page.

Soundman GmbH
Zossener Str. 56-58
D 10961 Berlin

Tel: 0049 30 69 50 90 43

mail: soundman@kopier-bar

Hope this helps, Hans

Hans Tutschku

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