Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT

Subject: Re: Need advise on a stereo mic for portable DAT
From: Eric Somers (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 20:13:12 EDT

At 06:05 PM 5/5/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I'm looking around for a mic for a portable DAT and am not sure of the
>options in the sub $800 CDN range. My local music shop has an Audio Technica
>AT825 for about $500. Is there other mics in that price range that perform
>better or would be more suitable to field recordings?

The AT825 is hard to beat for its price. We use lots of them with portable
DATs here. There is also an unbalanced version that is somewhat cheaper
but with the same capsules (AT 822 I think is the number). These are good
for small DAT recorders with a stereo mini jack instead of XLR connectors.
I also have one of those.

Beyerdynamic and Shure also make stereo mics that are about $1000 but you
might be able to find with a "street price" of $800 or less. If you can
live without small size the Crown SASS system is definitely a contender for
music (it is a large pseudo dummy head using boundary surface mics). But
it is not at all good for interviews, radio reporting, etc. because of its
size. It does have the advantage of coming with multiple screw threadings
so it can be used on a standard mic stand, a lighting stand or a camera

The AT 825 is not good for piano in my opinion and experience. Makes the
piano to metallic.

- Eric

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