Subject: Convergence
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 13:28:29 EDT

matt kober wrote:

>There have always been parallels in the evolution of EA and so called
>'techno' or electronica. Turntablism began with Pierre Schaeffer and
>John Cage!

Kicking it old school! :-D

>The two genres have been merging and recombining since
>Africa Bambaata began using the sounds of Kraftwerk in his mixes...

Yes, and indeed before that. One of the main reasons for the convergence of
the two "genres" (or rather, approaches) is, I think, that forward-looking
musical activities are now far better publicised. Until recent years people
experimenting with sound at home or in small studios in this country (I
can't speak for the rest of the world) were kept largely ignorant of the
activities of experimental work in the "academic" (for want of a better
term) world, due mainly to the reactionary attitudes of broadcasters
(hello, BBC Radio 3) and printed media. Due the increased appetite of the
public for unusual sounds (I blame the drugs!), there was as an increase in
the number and circulation of magazines covering such music, and
information exchange was facilitated further by the growth in the Internet,
and samplists plundered electroacoustic works for samples... The ivory
towers were then easily scaled, and those inside realised that there was
another, unregulated world of experimental activity out there.

A related reason was surely the increasing power of affordable equipment,
coupled with declining funds for academic studios during periods of
recession and political reform: home users and academic users found
themselves buying much of the same equipment.

The above represents my personal speculations and provocations only, of
course, and I look forward to being corrected by the better-informed!


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