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Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 12:58:37 EDT

> Please dont get me wrong I am glad to see this
> change, after all the
> gripping us audio/radio artists have done over the
> years its about time
> there was some grit put back into the electro part
> of the acoustics. Hell
> I mean I very quickly embrassed the street level
> electronic music because
> of this. Some have even critisided me for gaving up
> on tring to deal with
> the academics of being an "audio artist" and took up
> being an "electronic
> producer" instead. Any comments on this just
> courious....

There have always been parallels in the evolution of EA and so called
'techno' or electronica. Turntablism began with Pierre Schaeffer and
John Cage! The two genres have been merging and recombining since
Africa Bambaata began using the sounds of Kraftwerk in his mixes...
check out:

Dj Spooky
DJ Food
Steve Reich
Herbie hancock's 'Sextant'

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