Re: techy help needed...

Subject: Re: techy help needed...
From: Hans Tutschku (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 09:10:07 EDT

>>Does anyone know how to cure vanishing mouse cursors?
>>We're running several Macs with Logic Audio Platinum v.3.5/3.6, MESA, and
>>GRM Tools, and having just installed Nortons Anti Virus v.5.0 and Norton
>>Utilities v4.0, we now have a problem with the mouse cursor vanishing from
>>the dektop. I've tried turning off Norton extensions, but to no avail.
>>I have since de-installed NAV and Norton Utilities from two computers and
>>the problem still persists. I'm assuming there is a conflict that's arisen
>>since installing NAV/Utilities, and/or this has modified some settings or
>>preferences, causing the vanishing mouse trick.

If I recall rigth: Norton 4.0 is not compatible with System 8.0.
Ask for the latest Norton update .


Hans Tutschku

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