From Neil W (fwd)

Subject: From Neil W (fwd)
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 07:58:41 EDT

Heres an interesting little tidbit that Ive been noticing here on the
CECdiscuss list in the last little while. I [left..] CECdiscuss for
a little over a year (possibly two) right be for the whole electronic
dance music explosion happended and recentlt [rejoined] to the list as I
missed you guys.

But an interesting thing has happened in that two year period that Im
woundering if any of the older list members (not age but in terms of time
on the list) have noticed. What I have noticed is the more common use of
the electronic dance music/street culture lingo being used or incorperated
into the discussions or even in to the call for works. Words such as
"chill out" or "gig" or "spinning" and so on, its a refreshing thing to
see since the realm of Electroacoustics has so often been damed to the
world of academia.

My question is has this "street culture" lingo also had an influence in
the Electroacoutic out side of this list? I know alot of the younger
composures and some of use more established ones have been producing dance
oriented electronic music, but has it gotten to the point that the
teachers are talking about 808s, 909s, analogue gear, and turntablisms in
the class room as well?

Please dont get me wrong I am glad to see this change, after all the
gripping us audio/radio artists have done over the years its about time
there was some grit put back into the electro part of the acoustics. Hell
I mean I very quickly embrassed the street level electronic music because
of this. Some have even critisided me for gaving up on tring to deal with
the academics of being an "audio artist" and took up being an "electronic
producer" instead. Any comments on this just courious....

Neil Wiernik
aka naw

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