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Subject: The World Wide Calendar
From: Electronic Music Foundation (
Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 22:09:42 EDT

Dear CEC list,

With apologies for any duplicate messages, we do want to be sure you know
about this.

Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) and Leonardo, both not-for-profit
organizations that serve music and art in today's world, have launched a
collaboration to develop The EMF / Leonardo Guide to the World, which
includes The World Wide Calendar, special features, a guide to internet
resources, an Internet Directory, and notices from sponsors.

The World Wide Calendar is a web-based calendar / database and monthly
email update. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone in the world to
find out what's happening anywhere in the world at the cutting edge of new
music, electronic music, media art, and related artforms ... without
investing hours in navigating different websites, sorting email messages,
or scouring lists and more lists.

Background information:

Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) disseminates information and materials
relating to electronic music and related arts. In addition to The EMF Guide
to the World and The World Wide Calendar, EMF's programs are CDeMUSIC
(worldwide access to compact discs and other items), Our Electronic Music
Heritage (a preservation program), and EMF Media (publications). For
further information, go to:

Leonardo seeks to encourage the interaction of art, science, and
technology. In collaboration with the MIT Press, Leonardo publishes two
journals, maintains an extensive web site, publishes an electronic journal,
and curates a book-publication series. Visit Leonardo at:

Have you looked at The World Wide Calendar today?
Do you know where to find the most interesting music in the world?

Electronic Music Foundation
The World Wide Calendar

Joel Chadabe, President

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(518)434-0308 Fax

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