Open Ears Outdoor Electroacoustics - correction

Subject: Open Ears Outdoor Electroacoustics - correction
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Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 14:15:35 EDT


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Gather around Victoria Park's East Lake and experience some stormy weather
(hopefully under bright skies!). The content of this programme curated by
Darren Copeland is inspired by the sounds of weather.

Under Sky
Sunday May 23 @ 2:30
Admission Free
Victoria Park
Kitchener, Ontario

3:01 Natasha Barrett - Racing through, Racing Unseen (1996)

5:46 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (2nd scene)

12:59 Jonty Harrison - Unsound Objects (1995)

9:08 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (8th scene)

7:28 Darren Copeland - Night Camera (vanishing at sea) (1993/96)

9:58 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (6th scene)

21:37 Philippe LeGoff - La Guerre (1995)

This Sounding Place
Monday May 24 @ 2:30
Admission Free
Victoria Park
Kitchener, Ontario

This concert is a sounding place in which ears travel to many other
sounding places in the world: India, South America, Europe and North
America. Time will pass like a journey, inevitably touching your ears,
linking them to acoustic environments and reaching into the inner sound
worlds of human imagination.

The concert is curated by Hildegard Westerkamp. You will hear one of her
own compositions as well as the works of other composers from various parts
of the world who have chosen - like she has - to put environmental concern
and acoustic ecology at the centre of their compositional creativity.

Hans Ulrich Werner - Vanscape Motion (1996)

Damián Keller - Brasil[espaco]ia (1994)

Claude Schryer - El medio ambiente acústico de México (1995-96)

Cécile Le Prado - Le Triangle d'Incertitude (1996)
                 (Two excerpts: Nocturne 3 & Incertitude)

Hildegard Westerkamp - Gently Penetrating beneath the sounding surfaces of
another place (1997)

Darren Copeland


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