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Subject: Austin premiere set
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Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 03:58:04 EDT

Larry Austin premiere set

Larry Austin's new work, "Singing!...the music of my own time"
(1996-98), receives its world premiere performance at 8
p.m., May 13, 1999, in a solo concert by baritone Thomas
Buckner, as part of the Interpretations Series at Merkin
Concert Hall, New York. Commissioned by Buckner,
"Singing!" is a sound-portrait of the life and musical times, to
date, of singer Thomas Buckner, with octophonic computer
music on ADAT, interpreted as a sound-play, in three parts.

"Singing!" continues Austin's sound and theater-piece
portraits. These portraits, since the first in 1966, have, in
great part, been composed for and/or about individual
composers and performers, based mainly on recorded
interviews/conversations with the portrait subject. Through
this portrait, Tom's running narrative speaks of growing up
as a singer, his early and continued training and influences
musically, and his dedication to a career of "singing the
music of my own time." Tom's narrative and all the materials
for the piece were recorded by the composer in a six-hour
vocalization-interview-lunch-improvisation session with Tom
in his New York apartment in November, 1996. The three
parts of the piece--Warmup, Lunch, and Improv--are, in fact,
true to the chronology of the day's events, with the interview-
narrative forming the continuity for the whole piece.

Recorded materials for "Singing!" were edited and processed
in the Electroacoustic Music Studios of the University of
Birmingham in England during the composer's June/July,
1997, Magistere de Bourges composer residency there. The
composition was completed between November, 1997, and
March, 1998, in the composer's studio, gaLarry, in Denton,
Texas. Software and hardware systems used in Birmingham
included Sound Designer, SoundHack, Audiosculpt, Csound,
and GRM Tools, on a Macintosh computer. Systems used
in Denton included Paul Lansky's rt and cmix and the audio
software editors and 8-channel digital i/o programs
developed for the Silicon Graphics O2 computer with the
SGI 8-channel digital i/o PCI, along with Doug Scott's move
program on a NeXTstation.

Thursday, May 13, 1999
World Music Institute & Thomas Buckner's present
Interpretation Series: baritone Thomas Buckner, a solo
concert of new works
Merkin Concert Hall at the Abraham Goodman House
129 West 67th St.
New York, NY

Box Office: 1-212-501-3330
Tickets: $10 / $7 TDF/V

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