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Subject: Re: And from Outer Space, At a Deadly Pace ...
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Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 01:04:12 EDT

>In their fall issue (I think) Leonardo Journal had a quite, um, interesting
>article on the problems of extra-terrestrial communication, from a semiotic
>point of view. The author of the article (who is dead serious) would argue
>that even if the little green people managed to play the record, nothing
>guaranties that they are either capable of hearing at all, or hearing
>sounds between 20 - 20,000 Hz. And even if they are, there's no way to be
>sure they'll make sense out of it like we do, etc. etc.

That seems to make sense, although just to try and understand their
perspective, wasn't it Carl Sagan's idea that if intelligent life evolved
it would most likely be very similar to us? I suppose a very egocentric
concept ("we are the ultimate lifeform"), and thankfully one that is being
checked by the above signs (?). There is such a diversity of life on
earth, maybe even still in places we haven't looked (who would have
expected to find life at the bottom of the sea by volcanic vents?), it
seems a really short sighted conclusion.

Eric Lanzillotta

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