Re: Open Ears Festival Update

Subject: Re: Open Ears Festival Update
From: Darren Copeland (
Date: Sun May 02 1999 - 16:26:45 EDT

Sorry for doubles!

Just as an adjunct to the announcement for the Open Ears Festival in
Kitchener there will be two _outdoor_ concerts of electroacoustic music that
were not mentioned in that posting. The first concert I've curated on a
wind/water/weather theme. The program revolves around a very intriguing
radio piece from Australia by Mike Ladd and Stuart Hall. The second concert
is curated by Hildegard Westerkamp under the title "This Sounding Place" and
promises to journey through acoustic environments of South America, India,
and Europe and more - all in the fun confines of Victoria Park in Kitchener!

I don't have a program for the Westerkamp concert, but below is a program
for the one that I'm curating:

Under Sky

3:01 Natasha Barrett - Racing through, Racing Unseen (1996)

5:46 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (2nd scene)

12:59 Jonty Harrison - Unsound Objects (1995)

9:08 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (8th scene)

7:28 Darren Copeland - Night Camera (vanishing at sea) (1993/96)

9:58 Mike Ladd & Stuart Hall - Wind & Water (weatherings…) (6th scene)

21:37 Philippe LeGoff - La Guerre (1995)

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