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Subject: Fwd: ISMEAM '99.
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@CAM.ORG)
Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 20:54:09 EDT

Recu a la CEC:
Received at the CEC:

>3rd International Summer Meeting of Electroacoustic Music in SĚrvĚr
>NĚdasdy Castle July 25-31, 1999
>Venue: NĚdasdy Castle, SĚrvĚr, Hungary
>Address: VĚrkerŞlet 1. H-9600 SĚrvĚr (SĚrvĚr is a small town in
>West-Hungary, about 200 km far from Budapest and Vienna alike.)
>Artistic direction: IstvĚn Szigeti (Hungary) and Igor Lintz-Maues
>With the participation of the EAR Ensemble (Budapest).Ţ
>The Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio (HEAR Studio)
>and the Austrian Society for Electroacoustic Music (GEM) invite
>composers from all over the world to attend this meeting. This is a good
>opportunity for performing live electroacoustic music and meet
>composers, performers, technicians and audience interested on this
>music. At the same time to spend nice days on the charming surroundings
>of SĚrvĚr.
>The pieces to be sent can be: chamber music involving electronics (tape
>or live-electronics) and any combination of the following instrumental
>2 flutes, 1 bassoon, 1 trumpet, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 trombone,
>1 clarinet, 1 bass guitar, sopran and mezzo- sopran voices. Several
>synthesizers can be also involved in the works.
>There is no possibility of using piano, nevertheless sampler keyboards
>are available. Any other instruments is to be provided by the authors at
>their own expenses.
>Tape music is wellcome. Nevertheless the participant should provide for
>an exciting sound projection concept as well as for its live
>realization. 12 independent loudspeaker system are available.
>The concerts will be held in the open air, the courtyard of the Castle.
>Lights and video projection could eventually be used after sunset.
>The participation on the meeting and the entrance to all concerts are
>free of charge. The accomodation and travelling expenses are to be
>covered by the participants. There are several possibilities of
>accomodation from room to five-star hotel.Ţ
>For hotel reservation please contact Mr Ferenc T█TH.
>Phone: +36 95 320 063
>Fax: +36 95 323 425
>Deadline of applications: 7 May 1999 (works should reach us by this
>time). Scores and sounding materials (demo and practising tape, DAT or
>CD) are required.
>The organizers reserve the right to choose the works to be performed.Ţ
>Materials are sent back upon the special request and the expense of the
>Please send the applications to the following address:
>Ms Judit T█TH
>Hungarian Radio
>HEAR Studio
>Br█dy SĚndor utca 5-7.
>H-1800 Budapest, Hungary
>Phone: +361 138 7085
>Fax: +361 138 7450
> Judit T█th: tothju@bartok.radio.hu
> IstvĚn Szigeti: hear@prosi.radio.hu
> Igor Lintz-Maues: ilm@elac.mhsw.ac.at or lintz-maues@mhsw.ac.at


Yves Gigon
Administrateur / Administrator

Nouvelle adresse de la CEC:
CEC's new address:
                Communaute electroacoustique canadienne (CEC)
                    Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)
              RF310 Departement de musique / Music Department
          Universite Concordia University 7141, rue Sherbrooke o.
                             Montreal, QC H4B 1R6 CANADA

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