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Subject: Re: And from Outer Space, At a Deadly Pace ...
From: Daniel Leduc. (leducd@ERE.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 20:00:01 EDT

You'll find pictures of the record 'Sound of Earth' in Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Side A (is it the Side B ?) contains the recording itself, Side B (but is
it the Side A ?) contains pictures with instructions (brought by Radio

You will also find some informations at the following URL...

...but, unfortunaly, there's only a picture of the Side A (or is it the
Side B) of the recording.

BTW, it seems that the recording was launched around the day Gleen Gould
died. The recording contains a Johann Sebastian Bach's piece played by
Gould. Suprising accident, isn't? Unfortunaly, I don't remember were I read
this information, so, I don't know how exact it is.

dan. (who should be an astrophysician with a post-doctoral degree and no
job - just like a composer and teacher of electroacoustic music, indeed ! -

>>It is indeed somehow sad to think that the disc that the Voyager is
>>carrying is analog, to be read by a stylus, but the NASA engineers didn't
>>include a turntable upon which to play it!
>Didn't they include instructions on how to play it back, and wouldn't that
>be easier to decode than digital information?
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