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Subject: Sonic Circuits etc (fwd / long!)
Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 08:23:01 EDT

Here are details of two composer opportunities from the American Composers

1) Composers Commissioning Program

2) Sonic Circuits VII Electronic Music festival (NB an unauthorized
version of this call has been seen recently, reprinted from last year!
Please use this correct version).

Please feel free to spread the word.

Many thanks.

Philip Blackburn
Program Director

Composers Commissioning Program
Application Guidelines
Postmark Dedaline: August 7, 1999

for composers, performers,
and presenters...


        The Composers Commissioning Program (CCP), funded by the Jerome
Foundation, supports the creation of new musical works by emerging
composers, composer/performers, improvisers, and sound artists. CCP helps
towards the cost of the creatorıs commissioning f ee. A composer applies
in conjunction with a performing organization (which may be any soloist or
group, not necessarily a non-profit organization). Alternatively,
composer/performer/improvisers who play in their own work apply in
conjunction with a venue or presenter (e.g., school, theater, gallery,

        CCP welcomes applications in all musical genres, including jazz,
experimental, classical, improvised, sound-art and international styles,
and seeks to expand new-music culture beyond the usual settings.

        Selected CCP projects will be eligible for further funding:
Performance Outreach Grants will support performersı expenses in
presenting an outreach event.


1] Only emerging composers may apply. ³Emerging² composers are at an early
stage in their careers, with as-yet little peer recognition, no national
reputation (as determined by prior performances and awards), and have had
limited professional opportunitie s. CCP is intended to be among a
composerıs first commissions and represent a significant career boost.
Favor will be shown towards composers who demonstrate potential and are
taking a risk with the proposed project. These distinctions are relative,
so we ask you to state how this project will advance your career.

2] Composers residing in Minnesota or in the five boroughs of New York
City may apply with performers based anywhere in the world. Composers
residing elsewhere must work with Minnesota-based performers and present
the work in Minnesota (a list of Minnesot a performers is available upon
request and on the ACF web site). Similar geographic restrictions apply
for composer/performers applying in conjunction with a presenter.
Applicants hoping to work with partners in neither area may consider
forming a conso rtium to include Minnesota participants.

3] ACF membership is not required but applicants are strongly encouraged
to join.

4] Composers, performers, or presenters may take a leading role in only
one application per year.

5] Composers, presenters, or performers selected for CCP awards in the
last two years (1997 or 1998) are ineligible this year.

6] All previous CCP projects must be completed before a composer or
performer/presenter may reapply.

7] CCP administrative staff may not apply.

8] No formal musical training is required. Currently-enrolled music
students may apply only if they have completed all coursework by the date
of the panel meeting.

9] A composer may apply in conjunction with an ensemble resident at a
place of worship, provided the work is not premiered during a religious

Criteria for Selection

   A high level of composerıs and performerıs musical ability, and
evidence of the composerıs personal voice, as demonstrated by submitted

   The significance of the commission to the composerıs career development.

   The commitment shown by the performer/presenters to promoting the new
work: multiple performances (including through consortium arrangements),
recordings, broadcasts, creative publicity, and educational outreach.

   Proposals must be complete and show well-considered compositional and
performance planning.

Additional Information
   The total CCP pool is $76,000.

   CCP will grant up to $8,000 towards the composerıs commission fee. The
fee should reflect the duration of the work, the size of the performing
forces, an estimate of the composition time needed, and the cost of
producing scores/parts when necessary. AC F does not provide a standard
fee schedule. You will not be penalized for requesting too much or too
little: panelists reserve the right to adjust fees for comparable

   Since CCP funds rarely cover the entire cost of the commission, we
encourage performers/venues to pursue other funding sources to supplement
the composerıs fee. For projects whose total budget exceeds $8,000, a
letter of commitment from the performer/v enue to secure extra funds is

   Composers who are also performers in the proposed work must apply with
a presenting organization (venue) and submit a letter of commitment from
the presenter stating an anticipated performance date and location.

   CCP projects must be completed within five years of the date of the award.

   Works must be in the early stages of composing at the time of
application: works to premiere before November, 1999, will not be

Postmark Deadline: August 7, 1999

Send materials to:
Philip Blackburn, CCP
American Composers Forum
332 Minnesota Street, E-145
St. Paul, MN 55101-1300. USA

Judging Procedure

   Staff will review all applications for eligibility and completeness.
There will be a panel of three professional musicians familiar with
diverse genres of contemporary music, who will remain anonymous until
after the selection process. Panelists receiv e copies of all written
materials as well as tape samples to review before they meet in St. Paul
to make their final selection.

   1999 CCP winners will be notified by the end of October.

How to Apply
Composerıs materials:

1] Recordings of two works composed in the last five years. These may be
on CD or tape (clearly-labeled audio cassette, DAT, or VHS video, one work
on each). Mark these ³Recording #1² and ³Recording #2²; during the
preliminary screening only the first fou r minutes of Recording #1 will be
heard, so this should represent a compelling sample of your work. A
section of a longer work (followed by the complete work) is also
acceptable. All tapes should be cued to the beginning of the tape, or cue
points will be lost. Attach a written work-sample description, noting
title, duration, composition date, performance date/place, and players. In
the case of improvised performance, state the nature of the composerıs

2] Two written scores, preferably matching the works on the recordings,
marked with the date of composition. Written scores are required unless
they are inappropriate to your compositional style.

3] A one-page personal statement which articulates the development of your
work, aesthetic position, and the significance of this commission at this
time. Bearing in mind that CCP is intended for emerging composers who have
yet to establish themselves on the wider musical scene, state how you
consider yourself to be ³emerging² and how this project represents a
musical and professional step forward.

4] A description of the proposed composition including duration,
instrumentation, and other ideas regarding the work.

5] An artist résumé or current bio (two pages maximum).

6] The CCP Application Form (see right).

7] If you want materials returned, please enclose a check (payable to ACF)
sufficient to cover return postage. Packets with postage will be returned
to the composer (rather than the performer/presenter) unless otherwise

8] A self-addressed stamped postcard for acknowledgement of receipt of
your materials (optional).

Performing Ensembleıs or Presenterıs materials:
(may be sent under separate cover):

1] A letter of commitment indicating the ensembleıs intention to perform
(or the venueıs plans to present) the work and the number of anticipated
performances in addition to the premiere, as well as any recording,
review, or broadcast possibilities.

2] Support materials documenting previous work. Materials may include, but
are not limited to: concert programs, tapes, brochures, aesthetic
statement, recent reviews, etc.

3] A description of the premiere, including date, time, and place.
Describe how the premiere fits into the event in which it is programmed.
If details are not available by the application deadline, update ACF as
soon as possible. Also describe community e ducational involvement such
as: a pre-concert talk by the composer, workshops, open rehearsals, etc.

1999 CCP Application Form

COMPOSER ACF member? (Y/N)


City State Zip


PERFORMER(S) ACF member? (Y/N)


City State Zip


PRESENTER/VENUE (if applicable)


City State Zip

Budget (include composerıs costs only)


    Request to CCP (<$8,000)

+ Additional sources (if any)

= Composerıs commissioning fee

For more information contact: (651) 228-1407 ext.23
fax: (651) 291-7978



Application Call (Postmark Deadline: July 1, 1999)
See for full details

Connect with the circuit:

€ Be on a CD of tape-works, broadcast around the world;
€ Have your score realized by new performers;
€ Have your video art seen across the US and abroad;

€ Be on a roster and receive invitations to perform live;


€ Produce your own festival event‹our DIY kit will facilitate your

Just send in your electronic musical work (if you plugged something in to
make it, it qualifies ‹ style no object). Selected works will be promoted
to venues and radio stations for one year. Over 165 composers and artists
have been programmed since 1993.

Sonic Circuits, now in its seventh year, is a festival with a difference;
it comprises a caravan of curated works which travels the world to form
the basis for a multitude of events throughout the season. Any musical
works or acts which involve electroni c technology (e.g., works for
electro-acoustic tape, live performance with electronics, video art, new
media art, sound art...) may be submitted for program consideration. The
20-30 selected works are offered to more than 40 venues across the globe
and, in addition, the CD of tape works is sent to numerous radio stations.

Entries are curated in four categories:

Tape: Works intended for tape alone are produced on a run of 1,000 CDs.
These are used for playback at live events, for promotion to radio
stations, and are available worldwide on the innova label;

Video: Works for video (VHS-NTSC) with a strong sound component are
compiled and sent to each venue for projection during live events;

Score: Works for instrument and tape that can be realized from a score.
Samples are put on the web site so venues with local performers interested
in learning the piece can request performance materials;

Live Acts: Works performed by their creators. Samples and contact info
are put on the web so venues can invite you to perform. Sonic Circuits
does not currently have a budget for artist fees.

Detailed information, all program notes and bios are available for
download on

If you have any kind of perfoming space, Sonic Circuits is designed to
facilitate your programming the latest in electronic art. Simply request
the no-obligation DIY kit and we will send you the materials for a program
framework which you are welcome to supplement with locally-produced
material. Schools, theaters, lofts, galleries, bars, construction sites,
and courtyards have all been home to presentations. Minimum requirements:
PA system, playback equipment (video projector and lighting are
desireable) . Pre-recorded material will be sent to you in October and
you can then check out the work samples on the web: mix it up with
local/student work or live performers and you have a show. The Sonic
Circuits season begins in November, 1999 and continues thr oughout the
year. Schedule your event at your convenience.

Please submit one work for:
> Audio or video tape (NTSC format only);
> Work for live performer with electronics; or
> A sample of your own live performance.

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of artists, technically knowledgeable
and familiar with a range of new-media issues and musical styles.


Open to all artists worldwide. American Composers Forum membership is not
required at the time of application but you are welcome to join, and
selected artists are expected to become members.

Selection Criteria
€ Artistic quality of the work. Sonic Circuits seeks to
encourage experimental and innovative uses of the particular medium;
€ Technical quality of the work. Skillful use of technology will be favored;
€ Appropriateness of duration and format. Programming
considerations often favor works less than 15 minutes
duration, but longer works will be considered.

€ Preference will be given to works that have not yet had wide exposure.
Inclusion on the Sonic Circuits roster does not guarantee every work will
be performed.

Postmark Deadline
€ July 1, 1999

Sonic Circuits VII Application Form

City State Zip Country



ACF member? Y/N
Performing Rights Affiliation (if any)

NAME OF WORK (submit one only)


TAPE FORMAT: DAT × CD × Cassette × VHS ×

Call for information regarding other format needs. Tape works: please
send a high quality dub suitable for CD mastering. Label the recording
clearly with composerıs name, title of work, and duration.


Is the work already in someoneıs repertoire?

BRIEF PROGRAM NOTES/COMPOSER BIO (no more than 150 words total, suitable
for radio announcements or program notes): Please use a separate sheet.

IF YOU WANT YOUR MATERIALS RETURNED: Enclose a check (to American
Composers Forum) sufficient to cover return postage.

³By making application to Sonic Circuits VII, I agree to release ACF from
the responsibility for any loss or damage to my submitted materials. I
certify that any performers on this tape have approved this recording for
radio broadcast. I allow ACF to c onsider this work for inclusion on a
run of 1,000 CDs.²


Send applications to:
Philip Blackburn, ACF-SC,
332 Minnesota Street, E-145,
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1300, USA.

(651) 228-1407 ext. 23
fax: (651) 291-7978

American Composers Forum
332 Minnesota Street, #E-145
St. Paul, MN 55101, USA

Tel: (651) 228-1407 Extension # 23
Fax: (651) 291-7978
Our area code has changed from 612 to 651. Please update whatever is necessary.

Don't forget you can order innova products from: 1-800 388-4487, or

"Ask me about the continuing Enclosures: Harry Partch and the new CDs of
Matthew Burtner, Amherst Sax Quartet, et al. Or, better yet, look 'em up
on the web site. Or none of the above."

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