Re: E A R T H S O U N D S F O R S P A C E

Subject: Re: E A R T H S O U N D S F O R S P A C E
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 13:34:56 EDT

>>The goal of EARTH SOUNDS FOR SPACE is to update and extend a similar
>>project created by Carl Sagan. The LP he compiled, entitled "Murmurs of
>>Earth", was stowed aboard the Voyager spacecraft in 1977 in the hope that
>>it would be discovered in the future by some extraterrestrial listener.
>>Today Voyager and its sonic message continue to race from our solar system
>>at speeds of over 35,000 kph...
-- They should have become wiser today...
Alexandra Hettergott.

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