@rtSounds:|| concert announcement

Subject: @rtSounds:|| concert announcement
From: maral ouzounian (maral77@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 11:55:16 EDT

                 @rtSounds:|| presents: murmures

20h Friday May 7, 1999
Les Salles du Gesù: 1200, rue de Bleury, Montréal, PQ
Info/reservations: (514) 861-4873
Tickets: $17 general admission / $13 students

        @rtSounds:|| is a recently-formed ensemble of musicians, artists, computer
programmers dancers, and writers, based in Montreal. We are presenting an
inaugural concert with original
works and live electronics; the concert will be followed by a reception at
which Jazz Pharmacy and other local bands will be featured.

        The concert programme includes the following pieces:

                (re:)generations - a noiseful prayer An Ojibwa storyteller narrates an
original text entitled ‘Generations’; this narrative input prompts a
granular synthesis processing of the text material; live mixing done by
technician Robin Davies
                Ravel - Sonate pour violon et violoncelle The original sonata is played in
its entirety, followed by a documentary-style ‘commentary’ on the music in
the second half of the program, called “UnRavel”.
                Pentalog - An interactive piece for viola and MAX , a digital signal
processing program. The viola, electronics operator, dsp algorithms, and
tape parts pay varying degrees of attention to each other - a conversation
between five electroacoustic sound sources.
                all my brothers dead - Oudist Sam Shalabi improvises on a series of folk
and religious tunes (Middle Eastern); he is accompanied by a computer
animation which explores the theme of genocide in the twentieth century.
                * - A surprise piece for shortwave radio and internet sources.
                totentanz - A composition on the theme of the dance macabre/dances of the
dead. Live dancers, string trio, percussionist, and singers.

        Original compositions and electronics by Robin Davies and Gascia Ouzounian;
musical performances by Jennika Anthony-Shaw, Frederique Vezina, Jennifer
Sheppard, Sam Shalabi,Robert Poliquin, and Louella Alatiit; narration by
Alex Cywink; dancing by Carina Rose and Tom Casey; choreography by Howard


Contact: Vanya Rose @ (514) 490 4242 for more information
e-mail: maral77@hotmail.com

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