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Subject: FWD from SF
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 07:40:12 EDT

Sorry for doubles.


From: IN%"mingalls@concentric.net" "matt" 29-APR-1999 11:53:54.41
Subj: SAN FRAN TAPE MUSIC: fri april 30, art rattan studios

hello seamusers - this is for people in the area or perhaps
those who are interested - sorry for spamming the rest of you.
if this works we will make it a semi-regular thing and do a
call for works - especially from student/young/emerging
composers of new/good/experimental music. -matt


hopefully the birth of a regular series, we are presenting
an evening of music composed for tape exlusively - with 15+
speakers distributed around the 5000+sq.ft. space - kind of
like that old-style-academic-computer-music-shit except with
couches, wine, darkness, and GOOD music by award-winning local


Art Rattan Presents:

  T H E E A S T B A Y T A P E M U S I C F E S T I V A L 1

                     FRIDAY APRIL 30, 1999

       an informal multi-speaker diffusion of compositions by:

                 Joseph Anderson
                 Alvin Curran
                 Kent Jolly
                 Dan Joseph
                 Cheryl E. Leonard
                 Jonathan Mitchell
                 and others

Art Rattan Studios
1218 Miller Avenue, Oakland
(off International Blvd.)
Sliding Scale Donation $0-20
All Ages Welcome
8:30 pm (set order TBA)
sorry, no wheelchair access

Call to reserve a free ride from/to the Fruitvale BART station
(or for more info)

or email:
  mingalls@concentric.net or cogley@concentric.net



the east bay creative music festival is a grassroots effort to present
emerging, experimental, and rarely heard performances in an intimate
and non-traditional performance space. our goal is to create a context
in which artists and audiences can cultivate the music of the next
century, all within a social and relaxed environment. located in east
oakland, the space is intimate and "non-traditional"- a loading-dock-
turned-art-gallery with an adjacent living space. every performance
is accompanied with visual art, food, and beverage. the ebcmf is an
entirely negative-profit institution, with all donations taken at the
door ($0-$20sliding scale) given to the performers. we also give free
rides to and from the fruitvale bart station.


our next series will be in JUNE - we still have a few spots open so
let us know if you would like a gig. please submit tape music!!!!


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