ea music/video in glasgow

Subject: ea music/video in glasgow
From: Alistair MacDonald (a.macdonald@rsamd.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 11:39:17 EDT

Tuesday 4 May, Glasgow

Electroacoustic Academy Now!

 - a rare opportunity to see Man Ray's Back to Reason and Viking Eggeling's
Diagonal Symphony with recently composed music, along with some of the most
interesting recent collaborations involving animation, film & video with
electroacoustic music.

Back to Reason
  a film by Man Ray (1923)
  music by Todor Todoroff (1995)

Reflets / Vitesse
  a film by Henry Chomette (1925)
  music by Todor Todoroff (1995)

Diagonal Symphony
  a film by Viking Eggeling (1925)
  music by Jonas Soderberg (1995)

When Timbre Comes Apart (1994)
  animation and music by Joran Rudi

Songlines (1994)
  animation and video by Lorne Christie
  music by Joseph Hyde

last june - 4:30am (1998)
  a film by Suse Bohse
  music by Evelyn Ficarra

new work (1999)
  a film by Virginia Burnnart
  music by John Harris

Sunayami (1999, 5')
a film by Sofia Pileci
music by Mark Webber

Terrorvision (1999, 6'30)
a film by Karin Burki
music by Transient v Resident

Tuesday 4 May 1999
7.30 pm
Chandler Studio Theatre
Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama
Glasgow, Scotland
3.50 (2.50)


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