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Subject: Fwd: Open Ears Festival Update
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Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 10:09:04 EDT

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>Subject: Open Ears Festival Update
>Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:45:43 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Heather Moore <openears@kwsymphony.on.ca>
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>Dear New Music Lover,
>This email is an update on the award winning Open Ears Festival. Our
>updated website is now up and running and can be found at:
>Some highlights:
>* We're currently cleaning out and up the old Goudies Department Store at
>King and Queen (the very centre of town) for its cultural debut. It is a
>beautiful empty space which will house the Penderecki Quartet on opening
>night, Pauline Oliveros and friends on Saturday, a Philip Glass opera on
>Sunday and the Sonic Playroom throughout.
>* Once again there will be a large number of free performances and
>workshops available throughout downtown Kitchener. A highlight of these
>events, many suitable for families, will be our second BoomBox, featuring a
>large fireworks display and the electric guitar of Tim Brady. Last year
>this event was attended by over 6000 people.
>* We're very happy that this year's festival will be hosted by Tim Wilson,
>a new music and spiritual music enthusiast and now seen frequently on
>Vision TV.
>* The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony will present three world premieres,
>including works by Peter Hatch, Christos Hatzis and Boyd MacDonald, as well
>as Murray Schafer's spatial 'The Falcon's Trumpet'. This exciting
>collection of new works will be conducted by both Noel Edison and Daniel
>Warren and features two 'stars' of the K-W Symphony - James Mason and Larry
>* Victoria Park comes to life with the wonderful 'guerilla theatre'
>composition by Richard Windeyer entitled A Soniferous Garden. Developed to
>celebrate the 100th anniversary of Victoria Park, A Soniferous Garden will
>take you through the wonderful sounds of the century as you promenade
>through the park.
>* A new adventure for us is the du Maurier Twilight Sound Series. This
>'Late Night at the Edge' runs from Wednesday, May 19 until Saturday, May 22
>at the Victoria Park Pavilion. This eclectic series will include such
>great improvisors as Irshad Khan, Cinnamon Sphere, sound poetry by Paul
>Dutton and John Sobol and some of Toronto's hottest young free jazz
>performers. The bar will open at 10:00 pm, the shows begin at 10:30 pm.
>And now, the biggest news:
>Buy your Festival Pass before May 7 and you will receive an additional pair
>of tickets for FREE to the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony performance of An
>Artist's Neighbourhood. I encourage you to take a look at our website to
>find many more of the Open Ears highlights. Don't miss out on the
>excitement. We look forward to seeing you there!
>For more information contact Heather Moore at:
>(519) 745-4711 ext. 285

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