Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility

Subject: Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility
From: Punita Singh (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 08:26:32 EDT

Dear Emmanuel

-- I have the same DAT machine (Tascam DAP1) -- brand new, -- and I
have also had some problems with recording --
I used Maxell 90 minute tapes for some live concert recording. Of 4
of the tapes used, one had lots of "dropouts" over long periods, and
one had a teeny blip of a dropout. Everything appeared to have gone
fine while monitoring, but these nasty surprises appeared on playback.

So it the tapes or the machine that's the problem?
Big question ...
(wish these DAT's had source/tape monitor like the good old 3-head
machines, to know what was really happening while recording)

Dr. Punita G. Singh,
Sound Sense,
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>From: Emmanuel Madan <pear@CAM.ORG>
>has anyone encountered a problem recording to sony dat cassettes (dt-
>using a tascam da-p1 machine?
>i've tried two cassettes now and both times the monitoring is fine
>recording but extremely noisy on playback.
>(very new machine...)
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> Emmanuel Madan
>6759 Waverly, Apt 4
> Montreal H2S 3H8
> 514 273 1521
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