Spectral Analysis (Mac) FWD

Subject: Spectral Analysis (Mac) FWD
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 05:30:29 EDT

Sorry for doubles.

On spectral analysis programs for Mac (fwd from AUDITORY).



Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:51:18 -0500
From: Alexandre Enkerli <aenkerli@INDIANA.EDU>
Subject: Re: Software for spectral analysis on Mac

Hello to all!

My name is Alex Enkerli, I'm a graduate student in ethnomusicology at
Indiana University. Over the last few years, I've also been looking for
sound analysis programs on the Mac and posted several queries about this to
multiple mailing-lists, including this one. I ended up collecting a list of
some programs (research, freeware, shareware or commercial) that may be of
help when doing sound analysis on the Mac and I would like suggestions to
add to this list (I just included Armadillo).

Armadillo: ftp://cmp-nxt1.music.uiuc.edu/pub/armadillo/armadillo.sit
Praat: http://fonsg3.let.uva.nl/praat
Canary: http://www.ornith.cornell.edu/brp/CanaryInfo.html
SpectraFoo Complete: http://www.mhlabs.com/documents/rad3spec/specSFC.shtml
SoundView: http://www.peabody-digital.com/products/index.html
Mac the Scope: http://www.channld.com/mts.html
Max and MSP: http://www.cycling74.com/products/bundle.html
SoundScope 2.16: http://www.gwinst.com/web-pages/SoS.html
Intelligent Speech Analyser: http://www.sci.fi/~pitchsys/index.html
Lemur: http://datura.cerl.uiuc.edu/Lemur/AboutLemur.html
SoundHack: http://shoko.calarts.edu/~tre/SndHckDoc/
Signalyze: http://agoralang.com/signalyze.html
Csound/Cecilia: http://www.musique.umontreal.ca/CEC/
SoundView: http://www.physics.swri.edu/SoundView/
AutoScore: http://www.wildcat.com/Pages/AutoscoreMain.htm
Metasynth: http://www.uisoftware.com/PAGES/acceuil_meta.html



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