Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility

Subject: Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility
From: Ingvar Loco Nordin (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1999 - 02:56:56 EDT

I also had problems with my Sony 60 ES Dat recorder/player reading newly
recorded TDK-tapes. This was the professional TDK tapes, which were
supposed to work even better than the regular ones, but about 2 out of 10
TDK-tapes were faulty. TDK does have some trouble with their DAT-cassettes,
even though they won't agree to that. I always used the Maxell DAT
cassettes, and they never once failed me. I bought the TDK ones once when
the store was out of Maxells, but I will never do it again! I've tried
other tapes besides the very good Maxell ones, and they've worked okay too,
but I will not try TDK tapes again!

When it comes to CDR's for standalone burners, I prefer TDK though!


>I have problems with the Tascam DA-P1 and TDK tapes:
>sometimes the DA-P1 doesn't read the audio on the tape (but it
>does see the indexes). (Even if I recorded the tape just a few hours
>before, on the same DA-P1.) An other DAT-machine (Sony) is able
>to read the same tape without problems then. Sometimes hours or
>days later the Tascam DA-P1 suddenly is able to read the same
>tape as well. Sometimes not. Very annoying indeed.
> Hannah Bosma

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