Re: Opera electro-acoustrique

Subject: Re: Opera electro-acoustrique
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 07:56:35 EDT

Another nail in the coffin? ... or just waking up?

Daniel Leduc wrote:

>La guilde des musiciens de Montréal vient de loger une plainte formelle
>contre les producteurs de l'Opéra Notre-Dame de Paris. Tout
>l'accompagnement musical est effectué à partir d'une bande. Il n'y a pas
>une seule note jouée 'live'. mis-à-part les voix des chanteurs (et encore,
>m'aurait raconté un complice...).

The Montreal Musicians Guild is filing a formal grievance against the
producers of the opera (musical) Notre-Dame de Paris. All of the
accompaniment is on tape. There isn't a single 'live' note played ...
apart from singers.

>From my experience with the "Guild" the issue is not that the sound is on
tape, but rather that "live" music parts are pre-recorded. In many cases,
'players' have had to be hired, and sit in the pit, paid but unplaying.

Sounds a bit like the firemen (coal stoakers) who used to ride trains
when diesel replaced steam.



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