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Subject: Re: Opera electro-acoustrique
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Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 19:17:34 EDT

Unfortuneately Godfried, Belgium is not the only country with this problem,
so does Australia. In addition to large expensive opera companies, we
have 6 state funded symphony orchestras for a population of 18million, they
receive a little over 30% of the ENTIRE arts budget of Australia.

How much is this?...consider that if each of the orchestras were to forgo
just 2 players, an additional AUD$500,000 could be diverted back into other
forms of music making in Australia - each year!. This would represent an
increase of around 70% on current levels of funding for music from the
Australia Council.

The operas, orchestras and some theatre and dance companies here are termed
"Major organisations", and have their own fund. Due to large financial
losses in these companies, a review of their operations has been conducted
and is about to be released. The results should be available in later in
the year on the following government website:

then again, maybe they wont...;-)


>At 12:21 22-04-99 -0400, you wrote:
>>Mérite réflexion...
>>La guilde des musiciens de Montréal vient de loger une plainte formelle
>>contre les producteurs de l'Opéra Notre-Dame de Paris. Tout
>>l'accompagnement musical est effectué à partir d'une bande. Il n'y a pas
>>une seule note jouée 'live'. mis-à-part les voix des chanteurs (et encore,
>>m'aurait raconté un complice...).
>>Le public sait-il qu'il va voir un spectacle de "musique mixte" (pour voix
>>et bande) ? Opera electro-acoustique (évidemment avec un trait d'union et
>>non pas electroacoustique, sans trait d'union) ?
>Let's hope this will be the beginning only! The less musicians in the
>opera, the better. Musicians should not be condemned to opera. Opera is a
>reproductive medium, so tapes are by far more suitable to it and may
>potentially bring down the costs of opera production to what it is really
>For my country, were they are so stupid as to spending more than half of
>the complete music budget on opera, it would be a first sign of
>intelligence to replace musicians with tapes, and have money to spend on
>real music production...
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