Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility

Subject: Re: dat cassette / dat machine compatibility
From: jerome joy (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 15:20:03 EDT

>Dear Jerome Joy,
> we have the same DATplayer and tried a myriad of different tapes on
>it, and never
>had a problem.
>A bad Sony tape perhaps?

hi fernando

no, a bad machine, i think. not suitable to be a handy machine (the heads
are not really fixed, you need to recalibrate them each time), and a
constant obvious effort for making digital errors !!!!
really below the quality of Sony Dat recorders...
to find a very good handy machine asks to have more money (Sony TCDD10 Pro).
the politics of making not expensive machines isn't always the best solution.

jerome joy

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