Re: Win32 FREEWARE Realtime Granular Synth

Subject: Re: Win32 FREEWARE Realtime Granular Synth
From: Ross Bencina (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 00:22:05 EDT

OK, while we're at it...

Way back in 1995 I wrote a real-time "performance" granulator for the
PowerMac called "overSYTE" It runs on anything but the slowest 6100 power
macs. In han be downloaded from my home page:

It has some cool features like the "preset interpolator" which allows
real-time modulation between four different parameter setups. I guess it's
freeware these days.

For Windows I'm now developing AudioMulch, which features the improved
overSYTE granulator among other things ( effects, VST plugin support, MIDI
control). Soon it will feature parameter automation in the stye of ProTools.
I'm always happy to recieve suggestions on how to improve AudioMulch. It's


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