Re: Win32 FREEWARE Realtime Granular Synth

Subject: Re: Win32 FREEWARE Realtime Granular Synth
From: Marcel Wierckx (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 13:22:40 EDT

That reminds me, for a similar program for the Mac why not check out my
Real-Time Granular Synthesizer? It's a little rough still, and needs a
rather fast machine (233 G3 recommended, if you want 44.1 audio, otherwise
take the sampling rate down and it will work on anything faster than 160
Mhz). This summer (if the weather isn't too nice ;) ) I'll be doing a major
upgrade, so I'd love to hear some comments from users.

It's on the web at And of course, it's
freeware too.


>Check out:
>GranuLab is a real-time generator of sound grains for Windows 95. Use
>the built-in sine wave or load a soundfile as raw material for sound
>Features Real-time control over time-stretching and pitch of a sound.
>Amplitude modulation and
>randomisation of most grain generation parameters. Store parameter sets
>(patches) and transform seamlessly from one to another. Special window
>where four patches can be selected and gestural morphing between patches
>can be done in real-time by mouse control. The program can also be
>controlled by MIDI.
>It's FREEWARE, super small byte size, and works well!
>No more wishing for a Thonk for me. Woou!
>Alone Counter Productions / Intellectual Militia Recordings
>Hammer have you seen her?

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