Subject: ProTools
From: Elainie Lillios (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 16:03:11 EDT

Dear Colleagues:

I realize this post is slightly off the original subject, which pertained
to an iMac inquiry, but thought some clarification might be useful to some
in the community.

As my colleague Michael Thompson stated, I was indeed able to install
ProTools 4.1.1 (and MAX/MSP...) on our new blue G3 machines. Digi
claims that ProTools won't run _at all_ on these machines.. That is not
the case. However, I am only able to run ProTools Power Mix -- the
hardware (neither the Digi I/O nor AMIII) is not recognized at all, and
falls more in line with what Digi is saying.

If you are interested in installing Power Mix on your G3 (until the new
verison comes out with hardware support), I encourage you to contact me..
I had to download some drivers and firmware for our Imation Super Floppy
in order to use the key disk for install.. I'm happy to send you these
tools if you like.

Meantime, despite numerous calls to Digi and many posts to their online
tech support, there is no slated date for release of a new version which
is (fully) compatible with the new G3s... hmmmm...


Elainie Lillios

Elainie Lillios - Teaching Assistant
Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (CEMI)
University of North Texas

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