Re: ProTools

Subject: Re: ProTools
From: Rick (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 02:56:31 EDT

Kevin Busby wrote:

> Digidesign was at one time offering a free copy of Pro Tools V. 3.4, but
> this promotion is now over. You could try to beg a copy from Digidesign,
> but
> I don't think it's likely to run on your iMac anyway, for hardware and OS
> reasons. The "new" G3 machines are not yet Digidesign-approved (see

On another list, one of the Digi employees said it'd be OK to copy and give
away. they just ran out of free CDs and couldn't afford to keep printing them.
I have a copy if you can't find anyone closer to home. I can probably find
somewhere to run off a duplicate.

Rick Nance

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