Re: Schools

Subject: Re: Schools
From: Steven Naylor (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 20:43:57 EDT

> I was wondering if there is any composers or teachers in
>Paris who could offer some information on an Ea curriculum in any of
>the schools there. Or, if you could simply post a school's website,
>that'd be great, too..

I don't know the present status, but the Xenakis-founded UPIC Studios (Les
Ateliers UPIC) just outside of Paris used to offer a variety of EA related
classes. They went through some kind of crisis a year or two ago, but last
info I received was that they had survived and regrouped. Perhaps someone
else has more up-to-date info?

This blurb at the CMJ site is the only web info I have, and has not been
updated for a while, but might give you a start on contacting them if no
one posts more recent info:


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