Subject: Schools
From: matt kober (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 14:33:18 EDT


        I'm studying Ea at concordia, just finishing my first year.
Experimenting with sound is something I've always done, but I've only
found out in the last coupla years that there was a home for tweakers
like me: EA.

I'd like to study in another country, hopefully, in my third year. I
had been intrigued by Australia, but my recent communications with
Lawrence in Melbourne showed me that they were in even a worse position
(funding and studio wise). He mentioned something about Paris,
though... I was wondering if there is any composers or teachers in
Paris who could offer some information on an Ea curriculum in any of
the schools there. Or, if you could simply post a school's website,
that'd be great, too..

Much appreciated


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