Re: duh! Dada? (was Re: Ned) -- with apols to Cam & co

Subject: Re: duh! Dada? (was Re: Ned) -- with apols to Cam & co
From: matt kober (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 14:15:29 EDT

--- Steve Benner <> wrote:

> Here is the result. Any meaning that anyone may care
> to attach to any of it
> is entirely co-incidental:
> "Then I got ridiculed all that I wanted. Ha! Ha! Ha!
> We impaled anger;
> impaled and quietened, each one intended to be a
> martyr. I feel I am back
> in the attic of a teenager, making recreation of
> painful confetti... I ache
> for an orgy, framing on fire and, with a wave of
> relief, thanked for a
> welcome feeling. (For, if one meteoroid never
> appear, will it come to end
> thereafter? Will we all be completely affectionate
> with one another? We can
> only hope in glue, to the top of revelry! More
> tranquillity would be
> inefficiently equipped to be carried out on a drawn
> platform.)"
> Do I pass?
> -Steve

Steve, that's one of the most hilarious things I've seen, ever! Thanks,
you made my day!

hoping in glue,

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