concerts of electroacoustic music in the uk - April/May

Subject: concerts of electroacoustic music in the uk - April/May
From: A.J. Moore (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 13:50:56 EDT

Thinking about checking out some ea concerts in April / May in the UK ?

MediaMix99 (York)
Wednesday 21st April, at 8pm , in the Lyons concert Hall at York
        Jonty Harrison "Hot Air"
        Trevor Wishart's "Two Women"
        Video Animation from the Prix Ars Electronica

Forthcoming BEAST Concerts
Birmingham, England, 11th - 12th May 1999
Rumours... / Whispers and Waveforms
Tuesday 11th - Wednesday 12th May 1999
Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, England

Barnsley May 8 - 15th: Electroacoustic concerts taking place during the
festival of music.

Please inform Sonic Arts Network: email
of your events.

apologies to those who missed the UK in the subject heading
and read this complete message including this apology....

and this one.
e&oe - everything is subject to change

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