duh! Dada? (was Re: Ned) -- with apols to Cam & co

Subject: duh! Dada? (was Re: Ned) -- with apols to Cam & co
From: Steve Benner (S.Benner@lancaster.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 10:07:33 EDT

At 07:36 14/04/99 -0400, Kevin wrote:
>is the (in)famous SSSS assignment: (analog tape) record a paragraph of
>speech, edit out all of the SSSS sounds;


>UNIT 2 is more or less the same, but in the digital domain, with Sound
>Edit 16. One small change is that a sentence of speech is to be recorded,
>transcribed into the IPA, then each phoneme is to be cut out, processed,
>and the sentence reassembled.

OK, here's my completed assignment for UNIT 2, but I decided to work
entirely within the textual domain and ignore the sounds altogether as I
don't have a sound card on my PC here...

The starting point was a single paragraph of text from an original mailing
to this list by Cameron Harding (as he started this 'thread')--I'll leave
it as an exercise for the reader to determine which--exported to MS-Word. I
then used:

1. Find and Replace to removed all S's (and soft C's)
2. Spell checker to 'repair' words so damaged, always choosing the first
suggestion which did not reintroduce an S
3. Thesaurus to replace words which the spell checker could only repair
with a word containing an s.
4. Word macro to rearrange the order of some words.
5. Grammar checker to repair grammatical errors
6. Thesaurus (and own judgement) to try to impose some meaning on seemingly
gibberish sequences
7. http://babelfish.altavista.com to translate into French and then back
into English (in honour of the bilingual nature of this list)
8. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 5.

Here is the result. Any meaning that anyone may care to attach to any of it
is entirely co-incidental:

"Then I got ridiculed all that I wanted. Ha! Ha! Ha! We impaled anger;
impaled and quietened, each one intended to be a martyr. I feel I am back
in the attic of a teenager, making recreation of painful confetti... I ache
for an orgy, framing on fire and, with a wave of relief, thanked for a
welcome feeling. (For, if one meteoroid never appear, will it come to end
thereafter? Will we all be completely affectionate with one another? We can
only hope in glue, to the top of revelry! More tranquillity would be
inefficiently equipped to be carried out on a drawn platform.)"

Do I pass?


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