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Subject: Re: A little old-fashioned yet not completely out of use...
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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 16:05:39 EDT


On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Alexandra Hettergott wrote:

> the notion of the "musical work", "l'oeuvre musicale". Considering the small
> example given on occasion of the recent interactivity discussion, i.e, ea "clips" of
> different authorship and different yet always short duration making up a CD the
> course of which can be determined even in a random order. Yet what is the "oeuvre"
> then regarding this "composition": the compilation itself as a formal, temporal, and
> "material" put-together, or yet rather any of the clips in itself, presumably (and by
> definiton) each having a "climax" of its own...? No work at all, not even an "open"
> one (or open in its "compositional" form yet closed in any of its constituents), or
> yet a "trap", as someone (offlist) said recently...? Might well be that this (quite
> musicologial) notion of an "oeuvre" is not worth discussing today at all, however I
> for my modest part must confess that its being "revived" recently did literally
> startle me, while thinking about those formal aspects coming into sight by using the
> new more or less interactive media...
> -- Any further comments ?
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