Re: Program notes

Subject: Re: Program notes
From: Ned Bouhalassa (ned@CAM.ORG)
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 14:27:51 EDT

Rick Nance wrote:

> If one does write program notes a 10 year old can understand, will anyone pay

Hello Rick. I feel that I should reply, since I originated that suggestion.

I guess the bottom line is who you're writing program notes for:
specialists or the general public?

I tend to write notes that are more complex (if I can) for a concert that
is part of a conference (ICMC). Otherwise, simplicity does the trick for me
(both as a reader and communicator). I suspect that people (in general) pay
more attention to text that is simple and clear than to what, on first
glance, looks like an excerpt from a technical manual (sure, I read those
sometimes, but not at a concert. I only crack one open when I have to).

As for what a 10-year old can understand, I think that that would include
nearly everything (except maybe a Yamaha DX manual). My niece surprises me
all the time with her level of understanding of the world around her, and
she is only 6.



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