Re: Ned

Subject: Re: Ned
From: Simon Atkinson (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 08:06:48 EDT

> transcribed into the IPA

>Won't that make the IPA taste funny?

You mean you can take a university course in IPA?!? How do I enroll?!?


ps: Jonty wrote: "...not sure about the expressing yourself bit..."

Well, in my (all to infrequent) trips abroad, numerous people have
made remarks about ea music from the UK being refined, beautiful,
emotionally-charged, but somehow often highly introverted... own music included, i guess.

But then this general characterising of 'styles' is one of those
old chestnuts...

pps: weather report for Kevin - Scotland freezing yesterday, 5cm snow,
beautiful sunny Spring day today

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